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Wincest poem - Welcome in Rory's insane mind
Wincest poem
I know my poem isn't perfect and seems kinda weird but it's Dean talking to Sam and I like the way it is.


While I'm lost in the symphony of your moans, I can't remember the times when we weren't together this way,
I never have meet anyone else that was able to make their noises of love sound like music to my ears,
I missed you so much during those years you passed far away from me that everything I thought about you I stared at the phone for hours,
Incapable of gathering the willpower needed to dial your number I knew by heart,
I was so scared you would hang up on me or simply not even answer that I didn't call,
But I when I saw you in Stanford that night, fighthing me off like you would of any other creatures to then recognize me I felt my heart break into pieces,
When we kissed the moment before Jessica appeared you reminded me how you can turn my blood into fire,
When she walked in the room, wondering what the hell was going on, I felt jealous for the first time of my life,
I can't believe how much you mean to me,
How much you can satisfy my every need without even wanting to,
Since Dad died our relationship has matured, I guess it's because we're all that's left to one another,
You're all my world Sammy, my whole life, my universe,
If I want to resume everything I feel for you in one sentence this is the 4 words that I'll need,


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ckll From: ckll Date: May 2nd, 2007 05:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Really beautiful :)
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