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Can addicts be good parents? - Welcome in Rory's insane mind
Can addicts be good parents?
Hello everyone,
I was looking around my neighborhood today and I started to think about something. I live in a poor neighborhood in a little town. There's drug dealers everywhere around, I'm even pretty sure we have the most dealers by square feet in the whole town. There also his alot of kids and who says dealers says addicts. That's when I started thinking: Can drug addicts still be good parents?

I know this is a big question but I think that for the future of those little sweethearts we should take the time to think about it. Should the child protectives services take away all of those kids? I mean if they're treated good, if they're eating with their hunger, if they have a roof over their tiny heads, if their parents still take loving care of them, is there a problem somewhere?

I can understand for those who waste all their money on that trash without taking care of the kids' fondamental needs. I can see why those parents don't deserve to keep their treasures, but even in that case does it have to be forever? Can't the parents get the professional help they need to get through their dependancy without being judged? I have 2 small kids and I know parenthood isn't easy. There's no instruction manual that comes with a baby and sometimes people can feel overwhelmed. For those individuals, the ones that see their problem, the ones that want to do something about it, the ones that care enough to reach out for the help they need, why do they get judged?

And for the parents that yes are addicted to some kind of drug, but without anything missing for the children's happiness, can we still consider them good parents? If they're always there for their kids, even if they're hungover or just so tired they can hardly keep their eyes open, are they caring enough to be good parents? I think so, I have an open mind and I think everyone has their own demons to return back to hell so I do think that yes if the little ones aren't missing anything, even if it's only devoted time or attention from their parents, even if the said parents are addicted to god-knows-what, they can still be perfectly normal parents. What do you think?


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